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Being Single – Are You Exercising Your Emotional Heart?

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A happily matched senior couple

Being content being single

As we get older, sometimes we may think “It’s fine being single – I am exercising and keeping fit – I am on track with my goals and so on”. But are you exercising your emotional heart by being loving to another soul?

Is it worth your time to love someone?

Maybe it would be worth the investment of your time to get to know someone and to perform acts of kindness towards them? It could be that this effort would pay back later on when, as you age and things happen. In ten years time, it might be nice to get a smile and a hug and a cup of tea served to you when you are recovering from hip surgery or whatever.

So even though you may be content enough being single, maybe sharing a life with someone else, may bring you even more joy in your life. It may be worth the effort of joining a club, filling out a registration form and communicating with people who are a good match astrologically. Think about it. Think about your life ahead and how great it could be.