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Bhakoot Dosha so marriage not recommendedWhat is a Bhakoot Dosha? Generally if you are told you have a Bhakoot Dosha (also known as “Bhakut dosh”), then Vedic Astrologers (Jyotishis) will tell you not to get married. It means you have received a score of zero out of 7 for this factor in the Ashta Koota System. However, sometimes if you get a high enough score on other factors in the Ashta Koota System, sometimes they ignore it, especially if they don’t want to seem negative. Or in some cases, depending on the type of Bhakoot Dosha it is, you may be fine to get married (e.g., if it is a 5-9 and you have passed the age of having children).

There are three types of Bhakoot Dosha. Here is what each one means:

  • 2-12 – there could be financial problems if you marry – maybe not straight away but maybe later on, because one person provides a good influence causing one partner to become wealthy but it causes an opposite effect on the other person (e.g. their businesses fail and they are left at home being supported by their partner). This imbalance causes stress in the relationship. And it makes it seem like one person is too dependent on the other.
  • 5-9 – there could be issues relating to children (e.g., the inability to have children). There could be less emphasis in the couple’s relationship on physical pleasures. Some believe there are yagyas which can lesson the effect so you can lead a very happy and normal life.
  • 6-8 – there could be general incompatibility and unhappiness perhaps not now but maybe later on in the relationship.

However, some say these negative effects can be lessoned or perhaps cancelled if the two signs are ruled by the same planet. The 5-9 Bhakoot is said to be cancelled if the Nadi Dosha exists (i.e., you get a score of 8 for the Nadi factor – the last factor – in the Ashta Koota System).

In our report, if you get a good score even with a Bhakoot Dosha, we then describe the type of Bhakoot Dosha that exists and we leave it up to you to decide whether to contact the person. Keep in mind that it is difficult if not impossible to find the perfect match with no issues to work through. You can still have a loving and wonderful marriage even if you do have a Bhakoot Dosha. And there are many people who can testify to this.