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What Is A Great Username For A Male? For A Female?

Hello my username is

Just like your real name, your username matters. It’s a symbol of you. So don’t rush the creation of your great username. Think about it for a while before you register online.

Tips for coming up with a great username

Start by freewriting a long sentence or a few sentences about your interests, your strengths, the good parts of your personality, what makes you unique and what you want to enjoy with your future match.

Then reduce the long sentence(s) to ten words. Then reduce it to five words. Then one or two words. I went through this process to come up with a word to represent the totality of existence. I ended up with Artichoke. What will you end up with?
Play with it. Give it time. Do like the advertising copywriters do – write down 100 ideas and then choose the best three (in case your first choices are already taken).

Do you need to mention your gender in your username?

No. With the Compatibility Club, your match will see your gender, so there is no need to add “guy” or “gal” or similar unless you really like the way it sounds.

How could you mention your main interest?

If you are into Vedic literature, you may like to adopt the name of one of the sages you admire like “Jaimini”. If you know it, you could use your Vedic syllable derived from your Nakshatra as part of the name. For example, my syllable is “ga”, so that’s why I could be “GalaGal”. Or you could use or adapt a movie or TV character’s name if you particularly relate to them. Or if you love a particular philosopher or poet, you could be something like “OdeToSappho”.

If you love football, you may like a fun name like “TouchDownTogether” or “2TouchDown”. Play with it. Have fun with it. Be a little silly even. Let your sense of humor shine through.

How could you mention your personality?

If you feel that your main strength is your ability to laugh at life, you might call yourself “LaughAtLife”. If you find yourself smiling a lot, you could call yourself something like “SunnySmiler”. If you like taking risks, you could call yourself “JumpRightIn”. If you are the opposite, you might call yourself “PlanForFun”. Don’t emphasize your negative traits like being lazy or procrastinating.

How could you mention what you want to do together?

Without being sleazy, you could create a username that gives a positive spin on how you would like to spend your days with your new match. For example, something like “AdventureForUs” or “TangoTogether”.

Create your own combination

If you decide your main personality strength is that you like helping people and you love jogging, you could create a combination name like “HelpfulJogger”. This will help to emphasize the many facets of your life and interests and make you more unique.

Add one of your favorite words or numbers

Think about the words that inspire or excite you. For example, one of my favorite words is sublime. So I could create a name like “SublimeSpirit”. But I probably wouldn’t as to me that might sound like I am blowing my own trumpet and, being an Australian, I’m just not comfortable with that. But you might be.

Spoofs, rhymes, alliteration, metaphors and other silliness

Have some fun by spoofing something that is well-known. If you read the Onion or similar, you will know the idea. For example, “ITrumpTrump”.

Get out your rhyming dictionary if you want. For example, “HoodieGoodie”.

Be poetic or metaphorical. For example, if you would describe yourself this way, you could be “BashfulBeagle”. Why you could even use puns if you like them (e.g. if you are an editor you could be “CommaSense”).

Capture the weird, wild, wonderful “you”

Don’t be afraid to be proud of who you really are. We are all weird in our own ways. Remember the aim is to find someone who will accept you as you are and love you for it.