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Aries Aries compatibility?

When people ask “As an Aries – will I be compatible with an Aries man” or “Or as an Aries – will I be compatible with an Aries woman” generally they are referring to their sun sign because that is all they know about. In Western Astrology you are considered Aries if you are born between (and including) March 21 – April 19. But in Vedic Astrology Aries sun is from April 14 to May 14. So often you may be an Aries in Western Astrology, but in Vedic Astrology (because it also considers the north and south nodes of the moon), you may not be an Aries sun at all. It is pushed back three weeks, so you may actually be a Pisces sun. So if you were an Aries in Western Astrology, you will only remain one if you were born between and including April 14th to April 19th. But if you thought you were a Taurus, you may now be an Aries!

Dating and marriage compatibility depends more on the rising sign

In Vedic Astrology, your sun sign isn’t considered very important. It is more important what your rising sign (also called your “ascendent” or “Lagna”) is. This is calculated based on the day you were born, the year you were born and the time (in hours and minutes). Sometimes you can find your time of birth on your birth certificate. In other cases you may need to contact the hospital to find out. Of course, sometimes hospitals don’t record this information very accurately (generally they write it down a little after you were actually born), so a Vedic Astrology rectification is recommended. Contact us if you would like to be put in touch with a Vedic Astrologer who can do this.

What are the qualities of an Aries rising?

Aries Aries vedic astrology zodiac sign

The main features of Aries (called “Mesha” in Sanskrit) are:

  • Happy / carefree disposition
  • Very Intelligent
  • Successful Yet Modest About Your Achievements.

The Lord (controller) of the Aries sign is Mars (called “Mangal” in Sanskrit). So this house is also affected by how happily Mars is placed in your chart and the sign in which it is situated.

However, these qualities can be reduced by the effects of other areas of your chart. Please Contact Us if you would like to be put in touch with a Vedic Astrologer (also called a Jyotishi) who can tell you more about your chart and Aries Aries compatibility.

What are Aries ascendents like in terms of their ability to love?

Ibex ram image for Aries Aries

Like the ram that is their symbol, Aries people tend to have a lot of drive and intensity. If they feel they are being held back in any way, this can lead to frustration and even anger. Later in life, if they slow down and consolidate, generally they will be more successful. So if you want to love an Aries ascendent, you have to give them some freedom to roam.

If you are an Aries dating an Aries sun sign, find out if you are both compatible astrologically

Many aspects of a person’s chart affect who they are (e.g. their ascendent and the house and sign their moon is in). So to really know if you will be compatible with them, the best way to tell is to have a Vedic Astrology Compatibility Report based on both of your birth times. It look at all aspects of your life together such as:

  • how you both approach work
  • whether there will be power or dominance issues in your relationship
  • whether being together will help you both be healthier
  • your sexual attraction
  • whether you will grow in wealth together
  • how much love and harmony there will be between you both
  • whether you could produce happy children.
Ashtkoot compatibility chart

Vedic Astrology Compatibility Report

If you are a single Aries, why fall in love only to find out you are not compatible?

Dating and going out with someone can involve a lot of time, emotions and commitment. Why waste all that energy and risk possibly even damaging your finest level of feelings for the wrong person? Join our Compatibility Club and we will find a match for you that is compatible. Then you can slowly get to know them and fall in love over time. This is the Eastern approach to love rather than the Western approach which is often largely based on lust and not much else.

Eastern approach to love