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Marrying A Much Younger Man Or Woman

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Cuddles can’t happen alone…

I would love to marry a much younger man who is handsome, a great cook and speaks in a soft Italian accent. And I almost did, but alas, our Vedic Astrology / Jyotish charts were not compatible (and once the infatuation died down a little, I realized how true this was).

Or I could marry a much older man (as my cousin Roy’s wife did) that is retired and has the time to cook me fantastic meals, and that has a great sense of humor. Maybe I should hang out in retirement villages in the hope of finding love? People of my generation went to discos and did the Time Warp or the bump. Would he even know what that meant? And worse still would he want his slippers brought to him at night?

Instead I married Scott – who’s around my age – and loud, brash and American (so loud, I often tell him to use his “inside voice”) and who sets off the fire alarms when he cooks. But over the years, I love him more and more, so I have no regrets.

We’re signing up for an adventurous trip down some waterfalls in the Dominican Republic. Scott’s aunt Elaine said to count her in for it too. She’s in her late seventies, but she’s fit (probably even fitter than us) as she spends her summers as a tour guide taking people on day hikes around Mallorca. Age is really no indicator of fitness or attitude.

Sometimes there can be a huge age difference with people’s partners and it can work out. But although flattering, it can be a sign that they’re running away from making a real commitment, as younger people often aren’t ready to marry. That reality may catch up with cougars and manthers.

I’m amazed how many attractive single men there are in the USA. It’s an oasis for someone who’d been living in a “desert” (in Australia, there’ve been articles about the lack of single men). And there are lots of amazing women here too, ready for an adventure if you can catch them.

That’s why I started the At first, girlfriends begged me to see their Jyotish match’s photo, but weren’t willing to share theirs. Now the site ensures a fair trade.

I only show matches with common interests. Finding someone who likes “Pilates” might be your eureka. It’s time to take the blinders off, open your mind, put your heart in the warmer and cuddle up like the happy couples I’ve already matched.

First published in the Fairfield Weekly Reader (but the image has been added to it and “Fairfield” has been changed to “the USA”).