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Tips For How To Take A Good Online Dating Profile Picture

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Taking a great dating profile pic

As honesty is needed to establish a good start to any relationship, it is a good idea to take a fresh photo instead than using an older photo as your dating profile photo, even if it may be more flattering.

At the Compatibility Club, your profile picture is only shown to your matches. People cannot browse to see who we have as current members. This provides more privacy and ensures that you don’t get swamped with messages from people that are not a good match for you.

Traditionally in India people didn’t get to see their Vedic Astrology match until in the middle of the wedding ceremony. But this is not the case today. Even in India, people generally get to meet the person they are matched with before deciding if they will marry them.

Unfortunately, because of modern day culture, people often put far more importance on their instant attraction to the photo than they do to the Vedic Astrology compatibility chart or to the interests or answers to the essay questions. So the quality of the dating profile photo is important.

So how can you make sure your dating photo is a good one?

The most important thing to realize is that it is your eyes that matter the most. If there is a sparkle in your eyes, generally you will appear more attractive. How can you make sure your eyes are sparkling? The trick is to have someone take your photo and to ask them to give you a moment to look down or possibly even to close your eyes for a minute or two before they take the photo. During this time, you should think about moments in your life that have been fantastic. Then when you look up and open your eyes they should take a few photos. Generally your eyes will still sparkle with the pleasant memories you have had during your time of reflection.

Other things to consider in a dating profile picture

Don’t take a rushed selfie. It just won’t be as good. And make sure the lighting is good so that the photo will be able to capture your eyes properly. You don’t want a photo where your face is darker than the background.

Experiment with having your photo taken from different angles. Your eyes should always face the photographer, but experiment with having your nose facing slightly to the left and then slightly to the right. Sometimes one side of your face looks better than the other side. And if you have a broad or round face, sometimes your face can look better when not photographed not facing straight ahead. But your sparkle may only last a short time, so rest, look down and remember more great times before each experiment.

It may help to be outside and have some natural scene behind you. But if its the middle of winter, your eyes may show how cold you are – rather than how happy and fun you are, so in this case taking the photo indoors may be a better idea. But if possible do it next to a healthy indoor plant.

Your eyes capture your soul and that is what the right person will see. So although you should definitely wear good clean clothes, capturing your eyes is like capturing your spirit and that matters far more than whether you have a few wrinkles or not. If you are happy, your smiles will come naturally. And with your full length photo too, how happy you are will still show in your eyes and your face as a whole. So make sure you use the same technique when you take it too.